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floats for trikes
Floats for trike
floats for trikes
Manufacturer floats for trike
Aviaspektr ltd, Russia, Samara city
General description floats for trike
material: - fiberglass; the float is divided into two compartments; the float's attachment fittings are movable longitudinally to adjust alignment.
Floats for trike, technical data
The dimensions (length / max. height / max. width), mm

4020 / 360 / 650

Volume of 1 float, l
Weight of 1 float, kg
Weight mounting kit around kg
Max. trike displacement with the floats, l

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Floats for trike

Our company has developed, successfully tested and is currently exploiting the floats for trike with higher engine power (including car engines) as well as with higher takeoff weight of under 550 kg.

The floats for trike are made of the three-layered construction (fiberglass-foam plastic-fiberglass) by the method of vacuum formation with the epoxy cohesion in the matrices. The skin panels are reinforced with a set of frames. The heels of redan, the transom and the keel's bottom are made of a special wearproof plastic.

The floats have flat deck to ease landing and disembarking. Special drainage holes with taps are also provided for by the construction of the floats.

A trike is mounted on the floats with the help of secret anchor nuts.

The floats have a top notch balance of steadiness and controllability on a gliding course.

Any classic scheme trike is mountable!

More photos of the floats for trike.

Trikes mounted on the floats (photos).

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